Lithium-ion Technology

锂离子技术的发展速度比监管机构所能追踪的要快. 彩宝网平台的专家为能源领域独特的新应用和用途提供定制和基于性能的生命安全, utility, manufacturing, shipping and storage sites, as well as support litigation firms, insurance companies, and other industries in this market.

Performance-Based Design for Lithium-ion

彩宝网平台的评估技术和工程模拟提供了基于性能的解决方案,考虑了独特的威胁, barriers, and consequences of lithium-ion battery hazards. 彩宝网平台量化了缓解措施的风险程度和成本效益, ensuring protection for your people, property and products.

Lithium-ion Hazard Mitigation + Risk Assessment

全面了解您的设施需求, expected conditions, 可用的操作支持可以帮助告知正确的设施设计和提高安全性. 彩宝网平台的专家支持客户建立适当的设计要求, meeting compliance criteria, 并通过通风增加火灾和生命安全, fire ratings and appropriate spacing.

Fire Protection Systems Design for Lithium-ion

超越标准的防火方法意味着评估潜在的火灾情况, conducting flammability analysis, and integrating local regulations. 从概念到执行,彩宝网平台都采用内聚检测和抑制设计的理念, providing our clients with feasible, 实用和目标导向的消防系统设计.

Lithium-ion Battery Explosion Protection

锂离子电池会释放大量可燃气体, which requires special analysis and planning. 彩宝网平台的专家精通热失控条件的分析, evaluating gas compositions and concentrations, 使用计算流体动力学(CFD)建模来评估气体释放, and designing explosion control measures, such as deflagration venting and other measures.

How We've Protected Your World


有效减轻与锂离子电池电池相关的火灾危险需要解决UL 9540A认证计划的当前限制.

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Join experts Jens Conzen and Mark Suski 这是一个关于锂离子技术的三部分播客系列, risks and hazards, 以及针对汽车彩宝网需求的规范和基于性能的解决方案.

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Meet our Lithium-ion Experts

Scott Golly


BS, Fire Protection Engineering, PE: DE, MD, NY, VA, 全国工程和测量检查员委员会

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Jens Conzen

Vice President, Business Development

MBA, Data Science, MS, Engineering Mechanics, Dipl. Ing.、生产技术(制造/工业工程及商业)、 Professional European Engineer, EUR ING, Member, Principal Technical Committee Member NFPA 855, 固定式储能系统的安装标准, 储能防火和减灾咨询委员会成员; Member, Member, Member

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Mark Suski

Market Leader + Technical Fellow

BS, Fire Protection Engineering Technology,, AS, Fire Protection Engineering Technology, Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), NICET, Fire Alarm Systems - Level IV, NICET,特殊危害抑制系统- IV级, Principal Technical Committee Member NFPA 75, 信息技术设备保护标准, Principal Technical Committee Member NFPA 76, 电信设施防火标准

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Christopher Unangst

Manager — Industrial + Process Safety

BS, Chemical Engineering, Certified Safety Professional, Member, Member, Member,

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John Gow

Technical Director, Marine + Senior Investigator

注册法证医生-火灾现场检验; Specialty Assessor - Fire Scene Examination, Fire Protection Assoc. Level 5 Course, Legal Experience Training Adv. Award in Expt. Wit. Evidence, Member, Director, Member, Member

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Rich Vicars

Director, Forensic Services

MS, Business Administration, BS, Electrical Engineering, Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Certified, Six Sigma Black Belt (VBSS), Lead Auditor, ISO 13485, 14001, 9001

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PhD, Civil Engineering, MEng, Civil Engineering, BEng, Civil Engineering, Member

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